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Manufacturing History Does Repeat Itself

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History does repeat itself, Charles Babbage profound insight was ignored by Great Britain in the 1830’s. Great Britain did not invest in manufacturing and design research and human education as their emerging economic rivals, the United States and Germany did (Dickson, 1996). Great Britain wasted its progressive knowledge and lost its global market superiority. This historic failure occurred in two areas, first, Great Britain failed to remember history, and second the United States manufacturing industry allowed Great Britain’s negative experience to occur here in the United States.

Combine this history lesson with the negative effects of NAFTA (Prizinsky, 1997), the industrial foreign trade policy that attempted to balance the trade between Mexico, Canada and the United States. Robert Scott (2001) writing for the Economic Policy Institute addresses why NAFTA core principles better supported the 50 years of the strategic industrial growth policies of Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, and China than the industrial growth policies of the United States. In this Asian model, the mentioned countries protected their industries; they invest heavily in manufacturing process research and employee education, and subsidize R&D investment (Scott, 2001). This strategy represented the complete opposite of what occurred in the United States as the result of NAFTA (Scott, 2001). In Samir Gibrara’s (1998) article, called "Pitfalls, potholes, and acceleration for the global future," the practice of driving into the same pothole day after day defines how the how the U.S. manufacturing industry has failed to learn from their mistakes (Gibara, 1998). Much the same lessons learned, as a daily commute to work after a harsh New England winter. The commuter learns to avoid the displaced pavement and potholes created from months of frost. Commuter anger occurs when driving into the same pothole, only to remember it was there after the automobile tire damaged beyond repair, and repairing the potholes after numerous commuter complaints.

A sustainable solution to further reduction in the U.S. manufacturing industry is documenting and sharing best practices throughout the U. S. Business and Manufacturing Industries. As the concept of a globalization gains acceptance and momentum, the future will have an occasional downturns. Our challenge is to avoid creating additional problems and focus on the intended goals.

Employment also has a very important global element that now challenges the manufacturing sector (Colvin, 2008). The global labor market has become strong elsewhere in the global economy because of wasteful spending by the United States. Wasteful spending strategy has empowered millions of people around the world to compete for millions of United States jobs.

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What Our Government Needs to Learn


What can the Government do to help the working Americans make more jobs?

While business consulting coast-to-coast for the past six years, the companies I worked with ranged in size from one million dollars in annual sales, to businesses up to seven hundred million dollars. Regardless of the business size, certain things were the same. They all have the desire to produce products and services; this is the main reason for their existence. Ultimately conducting some kind of business is second to becoming the best at what they do. Often the government talks about helping its citizens, what the government forgets to do is help those that make the jobs for Americans.

Jobs for Americans come from Americans helping Americans, American business owners are Americans; employees are Americans. The government needs to focus all the government census taking people recently hired to go out and speak to the working Americans. The only question on census survey would need to be; what can the Government do to help the working Americans make more jobs? With this important question, perhaps the government will learn to help Americans make jobs, here are my thoughts:

1. Get out of our way
2. Encourage less taxes
3. Encourage less government spending
4. Don’t make laws that let American jobs go out of the country
5. Don’t give American rights away to people who have not earned them

This Blog posting is an open invitation for Americans to add to what the government may learn, what the government needs to learn? Your comments are desired and welcomed.

What can the Government do to help the working Americans make more jobs?

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American Writer Pietro Savo

My parents immigrated to the United States 50 years ago not looking for free handouts. What they were looking for was learning to speak English, earning a better life, and contributing to the American Dream. My parents proud of their heritage, which today includes becoming contributors to the American Dream.
A lesson taught by them, leave the world much better than you find it, treat everyone with respect, and contribute more then you take. Be fair to those who do not respect you in return and especially those who do not believe in the American Dream. Because your relentless faith will cause them to finally understand the true importance of America, because it is hard to argue with common sense.
Mostly do not let anyone hold you back! My parents raised four children with English as their primary language, now English is part of all our heritages as well!
THE INGREDIENTS OF INSPIRATION, Is the time and wisdom of people who desire to build bridges across all language boundaries. This wisdom begins with faith in the American Dream and continues for generations to come…

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A Paramedic is the Original Gene Pool Lifeguard is Funny!


The life of a paramedic, rescuing kittens from trees was the olden days; today it is as if you are fishing for idiots. Living in the people jungle the time-honored saying “you can’t make this stuff up” simply happens. Just recently a 17-year-old driver who had stopped to rescue a turtle in the middle-of-the-road placed the turtle in the car. Shortly after driving off, the turtle began to crawl on the driver’s leg frightening him, and causing the driver to crash into a large maple tree. The paramedics credited with two rescues that night, the scared driver and turtle. For the record, a paramedic is the original gene pool lifeguard; the occasional practical jokes or funny experiences make their job worthwhile. Humor is nature’s sanity check and makes for our daily survival to go on and appreciate another day. Humor also helps lighten the frame of mind of scared patients who could use a little healthy distraction in their lives during potentially life-or-death situations. (Fishing for Idiots and Gene Pool Lifeguard; source a Connecticut Paramedic)

Humor is great healing medication, so tell jokes or do funny stuff fits right in whenever you can. This morning my 17 year-old son was heading to school wearing two different sneakers, I noticed and was quickly told to lighten up, and off he went. Everyone needs humor in their lives; a Stanford School of Medicine study reported the average kindergarten student laughs 300 times a day and the average adult only 17 laughs a day. Laughter said to rid us of tension, stress, anger, anxiety, grief, and depression. Laughter releases our suppressed emotion, and wearing two different sneakers in public is funny, so lighten up!


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Credit Card Industry Friend or Foe, You Decide!

Credit card industry and drug dealers have a great deal in common, the business models are similar. Strategically targeting young people in college, credit card industry throws many risky credit card applications into student’s mailboxes. Think about this, how can a student afford any credit at all, and turn down what appears as free money? The enticement, the hook is easy, young inexperienced and unprepared to combat predatory lenders. 76 percent of undergraduates have credit cards, and the average undergrad has $2,200 in credit card debt. Having no means to pay off what you borrow begins a lifetime of indentured servitude. Never-ending, simply paying the minimum payment, pure interest, a predatory lenders delight. Real moneymakers for the credit card industry, they make back their money many-times over. The average outstanding credit card debt for households was $10,679 at the end of 2008. (Source: Nilson Report, April 2009)

The credit card industry in the United States with annual earnings in the $30 billion range is the most profitable industry. This industry started to become profitable as a result of deregulation, then the Supreme Court decision in the Smiley v. Citibank case lifted fees on what credit card banks could charge, and fees went from a modest $5 to $10 to today’s $29 to $39 fee for paying late or simply going over your credit limit. Credit card banks also use specific marketing tactics to increase their profits. The first is zero percent introductory interest rate offers, when this period ends the interest rate increases to 17 or 19% overnight. The second tactic used is to require a minimum monthly payment of only 2% to encourage cardholders to endlessly carry a balance so they can rake in more interest profit. (Source: Wall Street Journal, Apr 13, 2009)

There are those who can pay-off their cards every month. However, the credit card industry is banking on you not doing so. The credit card industry today a guaranteed moneymaking business model, they are banking on most of the credit cardholders not paying off their balance every month. Interest rates from 5% to 29%, anyone’s guess, the credit card industry forced organized crime’s moneylenders out of business; it is difficult to compete in a market legitimized by the government. That explains why credit card company profits are so high and their executives receive some of the largest salaries and bonuses in the corporate world. (Source: Wall Street Journal, Apr 13, 2009)

So what is the pay-off for credit card consumers, no pay-off exist; the only guarantee is a lifetime of paying back on a never-ending credit card balance? Since the United States Senate and United States Congress let this happen. Simply follow the lobbyists and the large sums of political donations directly to Washington politicians, the solution then becomes obvious, we need term limits for anyone in political office!


Right People On The Bus Philosophy Is The Wrong Philosophy!

pietro savo

Getting the “right people on the bus” philosophy is the wrong philosophy. How disappointing history is, business solutions to improving the United States manufacturing industry has not changed in a hundred years. Back in the early 1900s and 1800s the United States went through a similar economic downturn. The root cause was simple, we failed to keep up with technology, and we failed to preserve an educated workforce. We also have lost sight of the markets, combined with a lack of market aggressiveness; we began importing more than we exported which in turn created a devastating imbalance in trade. The historical research to support these statements is simple for anyone to conduct using Google or Yahoo. Therefore, the disappointment comes about from our lack of learning from our past lessons learned, it appears we wasted all this relevant knowledge and are reinventing the wrong wheel.

We have become so focused on getting the “right people on the bus” that we’ve destroyed morale. We as a society have created a negative bearing for employee integrity because the “right people on the bus” mind-set clearly means everyone is just a number. Getting the “right people on the bus” philosophy is the wrong philosophy, because most firms can’t afford to be getting rid of people to make room for the perceived right person. The people left behind become negatively affected by this practice. These people left behind subconsciously fail to thrive, always followed by a succession of updated resumes going out in all directions. Even the top performers now left with a feeling of despair; this is a natural human behavior that adversely affects employee loyalty and performance.

This means, having the “right people on the bus” is not enough: getting the people in the right seat is of greater importance. You can do this by building positive relationships, identifying and focusing on people’s strengths, and exploiting these strengths in a way that everyone wins, and everyone benefits!

“right people on the bus” from Collins, J. (2001). Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don’t. New York: HarperCollins.

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Homeland Security Problem is the “Tip of The Iceberg!”

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The poorly informed Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano apologized to veterans after a report issued by her department said troops returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were at risk for recruitment by right-wing extremists. A leader’s role in a democratic society is to have enough experience to avoid insulting the men and women serving in the Armed Forces that keep them safe. Our Constitutional Fathers were patriots who believed in the freedoms that today are at risk because government officials act without thinking. Ultimately, we believe and hope the Obama administration finally becoming staffed with smart people; however, the evidence is contrary. Now the question that comes to mind, where was the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) while this government wrongly insulted and accused our veterans?

What happen to due process for our Armed Forces, what happened to due-process according to the ‘law of the land’ and whose duties it to protect the Armed Forces’ civil liberties? Napolitano’s apology was not the solution; she was simply re-acting to the symptom, getting to the root cause to Napolitano department’s error, the only way to ensure it never happens again.

Our founding fathers, as a deterrent against fancy governmental double speak, created the Constitution. Due process for all citizens is the law. When supposedly smart people from the Obama administration insult our nation’s finest citizens, this problem is simply the Tip of The Iceberg. Again another reason why government must be for the people and not just for more government, ACLU asleep on watch once again, clearly time to cut the ACLU’s funding!



The Enemy From Within, Across The United States Common Sense Has Become The Exception Not The Rule.

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The enemy from within, across the United States common sense has become the exception not the rule. For the past 25 years, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has conducted a private war against the Boy Scouts of America. U.S. District Judge Napoleon Jones ruled the Boy Scouts of America because of their oath and leadership requirements represents a religious organization and considered a violation of the separation of church and state.

Where are the ACLU and Judge Napoleon Jones when Islamberg, New York, founded in 1980 by Sheikh Syed Mubarik Ali Shah Gilani, a Pakistani cleric. Sheikh Gilani was also one of the founders of Jamaat al-Fuqra, an organization believed responsible for dozens of bombings and murders across the U.S. and abroad. Islamberg, New York has its own mosque, grocery store, schoolhouse, pistol and rifle firing range. Gilani established similar rural small towns, including the Red House community in southern Virginia, dozens of these towns operating nationwide, under the umbrella of the “Muslims of the Americas” group founded by Sheikh Gilani.

Honestly, the Boy Scouts known for fundraising, volunteer work, helping people, keeping morally right and the ACLU is all over the Boy Scouts! Jamaat al-Fuqra is a paramilitary organization based in Pakistan and the United States, with approximately 3000 members, has planned various acts of violence, and the American Civil Liberties Union nowhere found! American Civil Liberties Union perhaps does not sincerely mean “American Civil Liberties.” The evidence suggests that ACLU stands for civil liberties for only a few Americans not all!

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Why can we openly offend people under the cover of freedom of speech?

During a business flight to Nevada, the passenger in the middle seat had a thick Russian accent. My traveler’s curiosity kicked in, I asked her where she was from, her response “Kiev, Ukraine, Russia” she went on to say Russia is a big country and when she was a child, Stalin had forced her Jewish family to move around, they were never welcome in one place very long. She said, honestly since Russia is a big country she was from all of it! In her own words, “Stalin shuttled our people across the country,” this brought a noticeable sadness in her voice.

During the same flight two seats forward and across the aisle from me was a middle age man who had Nazi swastika tattoos visible on both his arms; I found it so distressful that this person would willingly place such offensive tattoos in plain sight for all to see. We as a nation place so much emphasis on hatred from citizens from other nations that we forget to look at ourselves. I understand that we have a right to freedom of speech, but what happens when the free speech and symbolism represent hatred? I wonder if freedom of speech means freedom to openly offend other people.

Perhaps the first step, to understanding why we in the United States can openly offend people under the cover of freedom of speech; maybe to simply acknowledge that it occurs and then find a way to do the complete opposite is enough!