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A Very Small Ratio of Selfish 1% Are Giving The 1% a Bad Name!

Dr. Pietro Savo - American Writer

We are passionately focused on a spectacular opportunity to show how the very small ratio of selfish 1% takes advantage of the other 99%ers.

The 99%ers feel the impact of the ‘economic slowdown and unemployment, and being robbed while also struggling daily against all other kinds of great odds.

“There are some successes that money can’t force or control; successes that are commissioned while doing the right thing for those that have unselfishly made the sacrifices to ensure freedoms to live, to enjoy the true value of God given right of the existence of the United states of American.” 

The 1% that President Obama has identified, as the cause of the mayhem, perhaps there is some truth to this phenomena. I do not totally agree with the president because all people can be divided into in two mindsets (1) selfish and (2) unselfish.

“In my understanding, a small percentage of selfish 1% is giving the private sector a bad name, and here we are battling to protect the unselfish American Citizens.”

“No Noble Quest is Fruitless”

This small percentage of selfish greedy 1%, their true religion is making money at everyone else’s expense.

Please join me on my weekly radio show dedicated to help defend American small businesses, service members, veterans and their families by given the unselfish people a positive voice in the court of public opinion using the infinite power of social networking, social media and the American Spirit to remain Free!


If you are a 99er who has been beat up by a selfish 1% and their expensive lawyers, I would love to hear your story… Please post your story here or send me an e-mail at PietroSavo@AmericanWriter.US

“A constitutional republic is not a polite and pretty entity; it can become fearful for the light-at-heart. When we stop arguing, when the rhetoric becomes one-sided, when any side is no longer willing to question, we achieve pure submission. Submission does not work in a constitutional republic; submission is not liberty nor is it being free. What does this all mean, there is no real republic without passionate rhetoric!” Dr. Pietro Savo 2010

“Very smart people have discovered methods to best utilize the Internet for sharing information, bridging across all cultural boundaries, and building relationships (Network) anywhere in the planet at the speed of electrons.” Dr. Pietro Savo 2011

by AMERICAN WRITER Dr. Pietro Savo Tradition Books Publication © 2012

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Read, write, and question everything!Our voices are powerful and true!

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Dr. Pietro Savo

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