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News Media’s Responsibility

News Media

We often forget the news media’s responsibility to society is to report the news, not create it. When the power of the media abuses our nation’s reality for political reasons, the entire nation suffers and pays the price. When the news media became the supermarket tabloid, their credibility, became lost forever. The problem today is that liberals, moderates, and conservatives focus more on the news creating arguments than the actual importance of having the argument. Agree or not, the disagreement of different political viewpoints represents the only true important factor in the rhetoric. Because we must never stop debating, never stop disagreeing, and never stop questioning because that is what makes humanity adaptive and complete.  When we stop arguing, when the rhetoric becomes one-sided, when any side is no longer  willing to question, we achieve pure submission. Submission does not work in a  humanity with a natural explores DNA.

Regardless of your political beliefs, we must demand open access to all viewpoints and make up our own minds. However, viewpoint censorship can come from any direction. Even a place historically deem neutral, the message is silent but deafening.  Such a place is a popular Southern New Hampshire gym where Fox News channel is not accessible on all five Life Fitness Ellipticals. Strange all other media outlets are accessible with working sound, perhaps a sheer coincidence, dumb luck or a man-made political statement?  The moral of the story, never stop debating, never stop disagreeing, and never stop questioning because that is what makes humanity adaptive and complete; do you agree with this argument?


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