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Social Influence of Learning. . . Rediscover Often!

Dr. Pietro Savo

Much of what we learn has a direct  correlation to the social influence of learning. Economic doom and gloom create a struggle that students of all ages experience. The struggle that keeps the  next generation away from attending higher education is the struggle that  continues to reduce any chance of eliminating the economic doom and gloom.

The United States higher education industry, 
we are beginning to import more students from other countries than educate our home grown version.

This economic college and university strategy has created an American talent decay that affects the entire United  States in the areas of engineering, technology, and manufacturing.

Higher education is a business, the struggle to fill classrooms; the higher-education enrolment solution’s makers take them to where the students are, well outside our U.S. borders.

In a devastating economy
, developing renewed higher education success is critically dependent on cultural adaptability. Cultural adaptability is a rediscovering process critical to the survival of any business; yes, higher education is a business. Colleges and universities have learned to adapt. An article from the NY Time February 5, 2012 talks about freshmen that come from abroad, most are from China, each pays tuition three times as much as students from United States and the classrooms are full. The higher education industry adapts to stay alive, at the cost of the US talent base.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the impact of higher education comes in the form of lower unemployment rates. For example; a person with a high school diploma 10.3% unemployment rate (UR), associate’s degree 7.00% UR, bachelor’s degree 5.4% UR, master’s degree 4.0 UR, and doctoral degree 1.9% UR.

 Foreign countries have invested heavily in higher education to improve their unemployment statistics and improved their engineering, technology, and manufacturing bases at the same time; a very smart economic strategy!

What we know for sure
the education markets will continue to evolve, and the
amount of market change is unknown; what is clear is that “The Markets Drive the education spending, and the education spend drives our economy” and college and university resiliency are vital to capture this market change.

When self, influenced by rediscovery, the social influence of learning sets the stage. We have some work to do, all the books that have been written about the rediscovering process can be summed up into one rule; “Rediscover, rediscover often, and never stop rediscovering and the natural by-product becomes success!

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