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The Truest and Purest Humanity is Children

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Educators today face a collection of challenges to their eagerness to
including unproven standards that limit more than inspire
students and educators alike. This approach delivers uncommitted education
engagements. The problem is the one-size-fits-all mentality, which teaching to a
standard will result in some quantifiable improvement. In reality, every student
is different; promoting that difference promotes greatness that is measurable
outside the standard. The problem to solve for, can modern education inspire
true potential at the individual level? Is there room in modern humanity for limitless greatness?

A powerful humanity component but often ignored is children.
“Children do not have the problems, we old people create, but they do have
solutions that are straightforward simple and realistic because in the child’s
mind, everything is possible”. Solving the world’s problems is grounded in
academia’s focused not of the limit of humanity, but the infinite possibilities.
A potential focus will require a  different kind of thinking. The solution points to the young and old working  together. Children have a grounding effect; they take the complexity out of life
and make it simple.

The truest and purest humanity is children, yet we from K1 to graduate school we place such short emphasis are they unlimited potential of the  child’s mindset. The term limit was defined by and adult, this term does not  exist in a child mind until it is taught to the child.  Dr. Pete

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