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With modern liberty, the weapon of choice is always the voting box.

American Writer Pietro Savo

With modern liberty, the weapon of choice is always the voting box. The 21st century has brought about great change, with the invention of the Internet, e-mail, and mass media. No corner of the earth can escape good or bad news. The phenomenon of speed of light communications today, is completely relentless. There are absolutely no boundaries to communications in the 21st century. For that reason, the weapon of choice to make a change today must be communicating with voice, combined with the power of the voting box.

Every citizen of the United States has this power to agree or disagree with his or her elected politicians. The tool to make change in this enormous political environment of today is the voting box. Once an American citizen achieves the age of eighteen years he or she has the right to vote. We must focus on this right to vote, we must deliver our mandates through the use of this voting box. The voting box must always be the present-day and future weapon of choice because, the greatest force in our republic is its people and their right to vote.

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